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Velib Paris pushpins for Microsoft Autoroute 2002

Posted in Uncategorized by Adrenalin on June 1, 2008

Yesterday walking around the Paris and searching for velib I thought it were a good idea to have all the points on mine Autoroute map..
Today didn’t found a 2 clicks way to import something, but I still found all the station with latitude and longitude data from, but in XML format.
Unfortunately autoroute 2002 seem to be too old for xml, anyway, didn’t take too much with a regular expression I extracted interested columns separated by tabulator character and constructed a cvs file.

Copy it from here

Save this into a velib_pushs.csv, after On the Data menu, click Import Data Wizard, importing from a plain-text file (*.txt, *.csv) select the velib_pushs.csv file, click Next, first column is name, second Address, third Latitude fourth Longitude click finish, now look at the Paris, you should see a lot of pushpins, like here:


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